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  NAMEBRANCH (SEM.)  MARKS  DISCOUNT SADAD NAQVICS 4TH  20 Stipend: Rs. 3000/GIRJESH VERMAECE 6TH  19 100RAVITA ! MARICS #TH  19 100$RI%AN!A SINGHM&A 'INANCE (ND  19 100RAGINI MADHESI%AM&A (ND  18 )0SHA&ANA HASANM&A (ND  18 )0&HA*ANA NIGAMM&A (ND  18 )0SHRADDHA SINGHM&A IT (ND  18 )0R CHI SINHAM&A (ND  18 )0A!ASH !ANA JI%AM&A (ND  18 )0$++JA MISHRAM&A (ND  18 )0$RADEE$ !R. SINGHM&A (ND  17  60SHIVANI MISHRAM&A (ND  17  60$I% SH ! MARM&A (ND  17  60A!ASH SAH M&A (ND  16  60DHARMENDRAM&A 1ST  16  60A,+! VERMAM&A (ND 16  60JHANVI A*ASTHIM&A (ND  16  60AJA% %ADAV&TECH EC 4TH  16  60AN!IT !R. G $TA&TECH EC 4TH  16  60$RATHAM ! MAR&TECH EC 4TH  16  60RAH , D*IVEDI&TECH EC 4TH  16  60,A!SHAMI !ANT RANA&TECH EC 4TH  15 #0ASHISH NIRMA,&TECH EC 4TH  15 #0S DHIR SH !,A&TECH EC 4TH  15 #0$RANJA, SINGH&TECH EC 4TH  15 #0MD A!I& ANSARI&TECH EC 4TH  15 #0SATISH ! MAR&TECH EC 4TH  15 #0S+NA,I G $TA&TECH EC 6TH  15 #0SH &HAM MISHRA&TECH EC 6TH  15 #0A,+! !R $ANDE%&TECH CS 6TH  15 #0 NANDINI SHI,$!AR&TECH CS 6TH  15 #0 NIDHI ! MARI&TECH CS 6TH  15 #0A% SH AGAR*A,&TECH CS 6TH  14 #0AN RAG ASTHANA&TECH CS 6TH  14 #0  A&HISHE! !R GA TAM&TECH CIVI, 6TH  14 #0GHANSH%AM&TECH CIVI, 6TH  14 #0AN!IT ! MARCIVI, 3RD %EAR   14 #0$RANJA,I SINGHCIVI, 6TH SEM  14 #0SHI!HAR SHRIVASTAVA&TECH CIVI, 6TH  14 #0SHIVAM !R AGRAHARI&TECH CIVI, 6TH  14 #0SHASHAN! MISHRA&TECH CIVI, 6TH  14 #0JISHAN H SAIN&TECH CIVI, 6TH  13 40 NIMISHA SINGH&TECH CIVI, 6TH  13 40%ASHDEE$ SHRIVASTA&TECH EN 4TH  13 40A!ASH &A&+R&TECH MECH 6TH  13 40ANJA,I SHRIVASTAVA&TECH MECH 6TH  13 40A&HISHE! SHARMA&TECH MECH 6TH  13 40VI!AS TI*ARI &TECH MECH 6TH  13 40 NIRMA, $RASAD&TECH MECH 6TH  13 40SANDEE$&TECH MECH 6TH  13 40RAJ ! MAR NISHAD&TECH MECH 6TH  13 40SH &HAM RAI&TECH MECH 6TH  13 40SHIVAM G $TA&TECH MECH 6TH  13 40RAS $RADEE$ ! MAR&TECH MECH 6TH  13 40SH &HAM SINGH %ADAV&TECH MECH 6TH  12 40RAVI SINGH&TECH MECH 6TH  12 40M+HD SARIM&TECH MECH 6TH  12 40E!ANSHI RAJ SH !,A&TECH MECH 6TH  12 40AN J JAIS*A,&TECH 6TH  12 40 JJ*A, RAHAN&TECH CS 4TH  12 40RAJESH ! MAR $A,&TECH CS 4TH  12 40AMIT ! MAR RAJ&HAR&TECH CS 6TH  12 40S+NI %ADAV&TECH CS 4TH  12 40!+MA, SAH &TECH CS 4TH  12 40SHIVAM MISHRA&TECH CS 4TH  12 40SRISTI SINGH&TECH CS 4TH  11 30SHIVAM SINGH&TECH CS 4TH  11 30 DIT $RATA$ SINGH&TECH CS 4TH  11 30AN!IT TI*ARI&TECH CS 4TH  11 30AN!IT SA-ENA&TECH CS 4TH  11 30 NIT%A SINGH&TECH CS 4TH  10 30VARSHA GA TAM&TECH CS 4TH  10 30ISHNA RAI&TECH CS 4TH  9 10SAHI, MEHR+TRA&TECH CS 4TH  9 10R+HIT SH !,A&TECH CS 4TH  9 10DEE$A! !R SH !,A&TECH CS 6TH  9 10S*ATI SINGH&TECH CS 6TH  9 10S+NA, SRIVASTAVA&TECH CS 6TH  9 10SAT%AM G $TA&TECH CS 6TH  8 10  AADIT% MISHRA&TECH CS 6TH  8 10S%ED AIN , A&IDEEN&TECH CS 4TH  8 10$RA!ASH CHANDRA A*&TECH CS 4TH  8 10SHIVANGI VERMAM&A (ND  7  10CHHAVI SH !,AM&A (ND  7  10 RVI SINGH&TECH EEE 4TH  6  10  NOTICE 3. The discount can be aai!ed on the ee o an# one o the techno!o$ies o e%ed in the inte%nshi&S'ECIA NOTICE*. A!! the students +ho hae been o e%ed sti&end +i!! be &aid the ,entioned a,ount b# the o%$ani-ation. But the# need to &a# the %e$ist%ation ta a,ount o Rs. */0012/. The students +ho hae been o e%ed *00 discount +i!! a!so &a# no ees ece&t o% the %e$ist%ation ta a,ount o Rs. */00124. The students +ho hae been o e%ed discounts need not &a# et%a %e$ist%ation ta a,ount. It is a &a%t o the tota! ee ,entioned in the detai!s.5. The !ast date o% %e$ist%ation is 5th A&%i!6 /0*7. The students ,a# aai! the discount b# %e$iste%in$ be o%e the !ast date b# sub,ittin$ the %e$ist%ation a,ount (+hich is a &a%t o the tota! ee).8. The candidates ,a# sub,it thei% ee th%ou$h 'a#t, on 2 9453:80339 OR in A!!ahabad Ban; Account no . 2 5000049**54 (Account ho!de% 2 <i=a# >u,a% ?ais+a!) and I@SC Code 2 AA0/*008/ OR in Cash at the o ice &%e,ises:. @o% an# ue%ies6 contact on 2 9453:803396 98/*8:853/ OR E,ai! 2 &iein oco,,,6 t&o.&iein oco,,$,ai!.co,This is to in o%, a!! students that the# ,ust hae de&osit Rs. */00 in o%de% to a!!ocate thei% seats o% Su,,e% T%ainin$. And &!ease note that this a,ount is &a%t o #ou% tota! ee.And &!ease note that a,ount */00 ,ust be sub,itted b# *00 discount o% sti&end students a!so.
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