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  .......  An A UTOMATED T ESTING I NSTITUTE Publication - S oftware t eSting MAGAZINE  July 2012   $8.95 Monitoing an AjaxCoud-ased WeAppication using selenium andnagios For monitoringan aJaX Web application A utomAted   Panning a MoieTest AutomationStateg altering your liFecycleFor mobile impenetrable systems :   A utomAte   A P enetrAtion t est   in 3 s imPle s tePs  Addressing FlAws & Technology Addessing TeFaws in TestAutomation identiFy commonmistakes made in testautomation TutorialsConcurrent Presentations TABOK Certifcation Training & ExamDiscussion Forums & Networking4th ATI Automation HonorsKeynotes The KIT Is Koming!   A utomAted S oftware t eSting Ju 2012, Voume 4, Issue 2  Automated Software Testing Magazine July 20123 Contents C olumnS & D epartmentS Editorial4authors and EvEnts6ati is Globally hot!38i ‘b’loG to u34 lk i M C bWee  e W  ati? A discussion of how a successful future is dependent onlearning from the past and preparing for the future.A look at the international impact of ATI.Read featured blog posts from the web.Learn about AST authors and upcoming events. opEn sourCEry10 Clud service Wrpped arund open surce A look at some up-and-coming Cloud services with areliance on open source test tools. Go on a rEtWEEt36 Read featured micro  blog posts from the web. f lawS & t eChnology By understanding current shifts and trends in technology, one can make reasonable assumptions about where testingand test automation is headed, and can thus chart a course to move in that direction. It is important, however, tomove into the future without all of the same mistakes from the past. This issue focuses on moving into the realm of  new technology without all of the same old aws in our approaches. f eatureS MonitorinG a Cloud-basEd appliCation usinG sElEniuM and naGios12 This article reveals the importance of ensuring application availability and correctness. Read as the author describes experiences with integratingSelenium tests that mimic user activity into a Cloud-based production monitoring framework based on Nagios.    By Viktor Doulepov addrEssinG thE FlaWs in tEst autoMation 18 If repeating the same action while expecting different results is the denition of insanity, then automators are often insane! Read thisarticle for help escaping the “crazy cycle” by avoiding common automation aws.    By Clinton Sprauve tEstKit tip8 imeee sem Learn how to automate a simple penetration test in 3 steps. loCal ChaptEr nEWs40 The latest from the local chapters. planninG a MobilE tEst autoMation stratEGy that WorKs 24 Mobile offers an array of unique challenges for testing, and in addition, changes test automation from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have.”Read this article to learn how to implement a winning mobile test automation strategy.    By Yoram Mizrachi tEstKit ConFErEnCE sChEdulE22 Updates to previous issues.  4 Automated Software Testing Magazine July 2012 I recently conducted a keynote presentation at an ATI sister eventcalled Test Automation Day conductedin Rotterdam, Netherlands. The presentation, in accordance with theconference theme, was entitled “TheFuture of Test Automation.” To beginthe presentation I reminded the audiencethat software test automation is a broaddiscipline that affects many differentgroups and individuals, all with differentgoals and objectives to be met. Then Icautioned that predictions based on toomany generalizations will ultimatelyalienate much of the community, whichwould in effect render those predictionsuseless. Without  some  predictions,however, I wouldn’t have anything to  present on! So I took a crack at providing some useful predictions, based on whatI felt were key indicators and trendsthat supported those predictions, whichwould allow participants to judge for themselves how accurate and relevantthey deem those predictions. The threeindicators used were: ã Historical Evolution of Automation ã Technological Shifts ã Process & MethodologyEffectsThe indicator that probably received themost focus was the one that addressedtechnological shifts. Before actuallydiscussing current shifts and trends Iinvoked the Volume 1, Issue 2 article by Linda Hayes entitled “The Evolutionof Automated Software Testing” inorder to reveal how past technologytrends provoked responses from the testautomation discipline. I then discussedcurrent technological trends and revealedevidence for what we can expect as aresponse from test automation. Evenif you weren’t at the presentation, I bet you could guess that the primarytechnological shifts discussed were‘  Mobile, ’ ‘ Virtualization ’ and ‘ TheCloud  ’. There is just no escaping these popular buzz words. The rate of speedwith which these words are becomingcliché is only being outpaced by the rateat which the technology represented by these words is rising in signicance. You are therefore advised to learn as muchabout these technologies as possibleand prepare yourself as testing andtest automation become increasinglyintertwined with them.This issue of the AST Magazine isdedicated to aiding you in your pursuitof knowledge in the aforementioned areas. The rst feature entitled “Monitoring a cloud-based AJAXweb application using Selenium and Nagios” by Viktor Doulepov describesone team’s experience with integratingSelenium into a Cloud-based productionmonitoring framework based on Nagios. Next, “Addressing The Flaws in TestAutomation,” is a featured article byClinton Sprauve that discusses common aws that repeatedly plague automation regardless of the technology involved.Understanding these issues will helpus move into the future without all of the mistakes of the past. Finally, the“Planning a Mobile Test Automation Strategy That Works” article by Yoram Mizrachi tackles the test automationmobile challenge head on. lk i M C b  by Dion Johnson e ‘  Mobile ’, ‘ Virtualization ’ and ‘ The Cloud  ’...The rate of speed with which these words are becoming cliché is only being outpaced bythe rate at which the technology represented  by these words is rising in signicance
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