Bats for Halloween

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Morcego feito com a tecnica amigurumi
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  Bats for Halloween Did you know that bats are quite scary, and very cute animals? Most of them are listed in theRed Book and literally save ourlives every day: eat billions of insects every day. If it were notthe bats, caterpillars,mosquitoes, midges would longago have taken over the world,would eat every green, and uswith you zakusali to death. Thatis why you need to carefullyapply to the volatile mouse. Letus associate these simpatyulek,and they never seem to usterrible. Mice Author - LudmilaMelnikova, copy the descriptionof prohibited, all rights reservedby Bon ami guru knitting..!For knitting you will need:Strings of the primary and secondary colors, hook, suitable for the skin. White strings to the eye,may be thicker than or equal to the thickness of the main thread. 2 beads or beads for pupils.The needle for stitching parts filler. The head-body-legs Knit in a spiral main color1st row: 6 sc in ring amigurumi (6)2 series: growth * 6 (12)3rd row: (gain, 1 sc) * 6 (18)Row 4: (increment, 2 sc) * 6 (24)Row 5: knit in a circle (24)6 series (gain, 3 sc) * 6 (30)7-9 rows: knit in a circle (30)10 series: (gain, 4 sc) * 6 (36)11-12 rows: knit in a circle (36)13 series: (4 sc, ubavka) * 6 (30)14 series: (3 sc, ubavka) * 6 (24)15 series: (2 sc, ubavka) * 6 (18)16 series: (1 sc, ubavka) * 6 (12) Stuff 17 number: 12 sc over the front wall of the loop.18 series: (gain, 1 sc) * 6 (18)19 series: (gain, 2 sc) * 6 (24)20-22 rows: knit in a circle (24)23 series: (7 sc, increase) * 3 (27)24 row: knit in a circle (27)25 number: (8 sc, increase) * 3 (30)26 number: dial 4 ch. Read off 15 loops around and enter the hook in the 16th loop, knit in acircle of 15 loops, and go not a chain of 4 ch, 4 associate RLS. Total should have 19 loops on oneleg.27th row: ubavka, 17 sc (18)  28th row: knit in a circle (18)29 series: (1 sc, ubavka) * 6 (12) Stuff the body and leg30 number: ubavka* 6 (6) Close the hole, fix the thread and trim.Fasten thread on the other side of a chain of 4 ch, knit 4 sc in the chain of the EP, and then 15 scaround. Next, repeat steps 27 to 30 rows. Ears Knit forward and backward rows, 2 parts complementary color, 2 parts base color.Dial 8 ch.Number 1: 7 sc, 1vpNumber 2: 5 sc, increase, 1vp3rd row: 6 sc, increase, 1vpRow 4: 7 sc, increase, 1vp5-6 number 9 sc, 1vp7 row: 3 sc, ubavka, 4 sc, 1vp8 row: 3 sc, ubavka, 3 sc, 1vpRow 9: 2 sc, ubavka, 3 sc, 1vp10 number: 2 sc, ubavka, 2 sc, 1vp11th row: 1 sc, ubavka, 2 sc, 1vp12 number: 1 sc, ubavka, 1 sc, 1vp13th row: ubavka, fix the thread and trim.Fold the two parts (the primary and secondary colors) and tied in a circle the main color of RLS.two abalone must get out.Do not rush to sew the ears to the head, eyes wait. Feet 2 piece (knit circle complementary color)Number 1: 7 sc in ring amigurumi (7)2 series: (1 sc, increase) * 3, 1 sc (10)3-5 number: (10) A little bit of stuff.6 Range: 5 ubavok (5). Close the hole, fix the thread and trim. ladoshki 2 pieces (knit complementary color)5vp, 1 sc in the second loop of the chain of ch, 3 sc.Repeat 3 times, it's fingers. Now turn and crochet 3sc provyazyvaem together, it's palm. The thread iscut, leaving the end of sewing. Eyes 2 piece (knit in a circle in white)The size of the eye depends on the yarn you'vechosen. You can associate a 6 sc in ring amigurumi,but you can knit a number or two. Focus on therange description:1st row: 6 sc in ring amigurumi (6)2 series: growth * 6 (12)3rd row: (gain, 1 sc) * 6 (18)Row 4: (increment, 2 sc) * 6 (24)  Try the eyes and decide what you want. I have to do a little oval eyes, knit as follows: knit 1 row,in the second repetitions provyazyvala not 6, and 3 times (in the last row).Finish cc and reserve thread for sewing.And so you can experiment with the color of eyes, for example, to make red or green. Becreative.Now you can collect: try your eyes and ears, sew, embroider or sew pupil beads (beads), sew thenose, embroider mouth. Also, it is already possible to sew foot. Wings 2 piece (knit forward and backward rows of the base color)Dial 10 ch1st row: 9 sc, 1 ch2 series: ubavka, 6 sc, 1 ch3rd row: ubavka, 3 sc, ubavka, 1 chRow 4: ubavka, 1 chNext tie a circle of RLS, the region where the initial chain of ch, tied so: in one loop 2 CCH, pico (3Bn connected in a ring ss) 2 CCH in the same loop of the base, on ss second base loop on thehook , then repeat the action from the next loop (should reach three cloves), then again knit sc.Anchoring thread, cut off and dressed.Sew wings to him her hands. It can be alittle toned base ears inside, around theeye, under the wings legs. I just tintedlight your mouse eyeshadow.Ask any questions you can describe here - article used the image of the onlineconducted by the author on the forum .
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