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  Chapter 1      Information    Data that has been put into a meaningful and useful context. Usually to help make a decision.    Management Information System    A combination of computers and people that is used to provide information to aid in making decisions and managing a firm.    Data    A “given,” or fact; a number, a statement, or a picture      Represents something in the real world    The raw materials in the production of information    Information    Data that have meaning within a context    Data in relationships    The Four Stages of Data Processing    Input: Data is collected and entered into computer.    Data processing: Data is manipulated into information using mathematical, statistical, and other tools.    Output: Information is displayed or presented.    Storage: Data and information are maintained for later use. Types of Information Systems    Functional Area Information System (payroll)    Transaction Processing System (TPS) (checkup point sale)     Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System (oracle)    Interorganizational Information System (supply chain)    Electronic Commerce Systems (     Knowledge workers  are professional employees such as financial and marketing analysts, engineers, lawyers and accountants. Chapter 2 ã Strategy : plan to gain advantage over enemy ãBusiness strategy is plan to outperform competitors    – Done by creating new opportunities, not beating rivals ã Strategic Information System: Information system that create and seize opportunities ã Strategic Advantage : Using strategy to maximize company strengths Ways to gain comp.adv    Reduce costs    Raise Barriers to Market Entrants    Establish High Switching Costs    Create New Products or Services    Differentiate Products or Services    Enhance Products or Services Alliance: two companies combining services  – Makes product more attractive  – Reduces costs  – Provides one-stop shopping ã Affiliate program : linking to other companies and rewarding the linker for click-throughs First mover : organisation that is first to offer a new product or service Late mover: enters the market later than other competitors  Chapter 4
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