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  DAFTAR PUSTAKA Adam HP, Del Zoppo GJ, Kummer RV. Management of stroke. 2 nd  Ed, Professional communications inc New York, 2012 Widjaja D. Highlight of Stroke Management. Pendidikan Kedokteran Berkelanjutan, Surabaya 2012. Zhang H. Q., Murray G. M., Coleman G. T., Turman A. B., Zhang S. P., Rowe M. J. (2001). Functional characteristic of the parallel SI- and SII-projecting neurons of the thalamic ventral posterior nucleus in the marmoset. J. Neurophysiol. 85, 1805  –  1822 Gofir A. Manajemen Stroke: Evidence Based Medicine. Jakarta: Pustaka Cendekia Press, 2009. Wang, B., Jin, K., 2014. Current perspectives on the link between neuroinflammation and neurogenesis. Metab. Brain Dis. (Epub ahead of print). Ergul, A., Alhusban, A., Fagan, S.C., 2012. Angiogenesis: a harmonized target for recovery after stroke. Stroke 43, 2270  –  2274. Larpthaveesarp A, Ferriero D, Gonzalex FF. Growth Factors for The Treatment of Ischemic Brain Injury (Growth Factor Treatment). Brain science. 2015(5):165-177 Kisko K, Brozzo M, Missimer J, Schiler T, Menzel A, Leppanen VM et al. Structural analysis of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor -2/ ligand complex by angle X Ray solution scattering. Faseb J.Epub. 2011(9): 2980-6 Pikula A, Beiser A, Chen T, et al. Serum BDNF and VEGF levels are associated with Risk of Stroke and Vascular Brain Injury: Framingham Study. Stroke. 2013;44(10):2768  –  75. Lasek-Bal A, Halina JS, Joana LK. Low concentratiorn of BDNF in the acute phase of ischemic stroke as a factor on poor prognosis in term of functional status of patient. Medical science monitor: International Medical Journal Experimental and Clinical Reasearch. 2015(21): 3900-3905 Talwar R, Vansantha PS. Role of vascular endothelial growth factor and other growth factor in  post stroke recovery. Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology 2014(17): 1-6   Shiner TC, Pierce KD, Thompson-Butel AG, Trinh T, Schofield PR, McNulti PA. BDNF Genotype Interact with motor function to influence rehabilitation respomsiveness post stroke. Frontier in Neurology. 2016(7): 69-75
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