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Doctor blade metering
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  Doctor Blade Metering The What and How in Anilox Ink Metering. Tony DonatoProduct Development Engineer Harper Corporation of  FIRST 4.0 From Section 21.4 Ink Metering System: “ The function of the ink metering system is to control the amount of ink being transferred onto the printing plate.” From Section 21.4.1 Doctor Blades: “ The primary function of the doctor blade is to uniformly remove ink from the surface of the anilox without damaging the anilox.” Ink Metering  Doctor Blade Metering OUTLINE: ã The difference between forward and reverse doctoring. ã Ink metering terms: Set-Angle, Contact Angle, blade deflection, sheen, back-doctoring, blade loading pressure, blade alignment and many others. ã The importance of blade stiffness to metering. ã How blade thickness affects metering. ã Why are there different blade tips.  Forward and Reverse Metering Simplest Examples Reverse metering shears off the unwanted material. Windshield Ice Scraper Windshield Wiper BladesForward wiping pushes the unwanted material.
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