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  02-Mar-181 EEE 322 Electromechanical Energy Conversion    –   II By Associate Professor Dr. A. Mete 1 References ã ElectricMachineryFundamentals,StephenChapman, 4thEdition, McGraw-Hill (CourseBook) ã ElectricMachinery,A.E.Fitzgerald,CharlesKingsley,JR.,StephenD.Umans, 6thEdition,McGraw-Hill  (SupplementaryBook) 2  02-Mar-182 Contents Chapter 1  – AC Machinery Fundamentals ( Chapter 4 in course book) Chapter 2  – Synchronous Generators ( Chapter 5 in course book) Chapter 3  – Synchronous Motors ( Chapter 6 in course book) Chapter 4  – Induction Motors ( Chapter 7 in course book) Chapter 5  – Single-Phase and Special-Purpose Motors ( Chapter 10 in course book 3 Grading Policy ã Midterm-1: 20% ã Midterm-2: 20% ã Lab: 20% ã Final: 40% ã TOTAL: 100%  Exams are closed-book  Homework/Project can be assigned during the semester (The performances of the students can be included into the grading policy)  Attendance is minimum 70% to class  Attendance is minimum 80% to laboratory works 4  02-Mar-183 StudentswhohasregisteredtoEEE322 MUSTfollow  theweb page   ofDr.A.MeteVURALforallannouncementsandgettingothercourserelatedmaterials. 5 Some Advices ã Keep attendance as much as poosible ! (70% or more) ã Take your own notes ã Practice is good. Do it as much as possible ã Do not try to summarize, try to learn the fundamental idea ã Solve examples, problems as many as possible ã Make your study plan by yourself  ã Know yourself ! Study alone or within a group ã Do not postpone anything ! Do it now 6  02-Mar-184 7 Source: Effects of Electrical Shock 8
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