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  ACADs (08-006) CoveredKeywords Line source, disk source, 6CEN DescriptionSupporting Material  Exposure Rate Calculations ã In order to get an idea of what the exposure rate is from a gamma emitting radionuclide one needs certain information  – Activity  – Energy  – Efficiency ã Do all gammas that are emitted from the source come in your direction?  Dose ã In order to determine the dose given to a space at a certain distance one needs to determine two things  – Total number of gamma rays coming off of the source  – Total surface area of a sphere of radius of that distance  – Does one need the area of the object that is irradiated?  Activity to dose ã Gamma flux ã D= 3.7 x 10 10 C E4 π r 2 Top is total number of photonsBottom is total surface area of sphere with radius rUnits are G/sec/cm 2Convert to dose using chart that relates gamma energy to conversion factor
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