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    FARM & AGRICULTURE MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR PARCELS WISHING FOR CLASSIFCATIONPURSUANT TO RCW 84.34 Property Owner’s Name and Address: Parcel Number(s):____________________________ ________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ________________________________________________ Acres______ ________________________________________________ Buildings/Structures on parcel:__________________ Phone Number: ___________________________________ Email: _____________________________________ Prior Property Owner’s Name and Address: Title Company Name:_________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ In order to verify that your parcel is primarily used to produce livestock or agricultural products for commercial purposes and qualifies for classification in Open Space Farm and Agriculture, please provide the following information Please Provide Your Crop and Livestock Production Data:  Please update the type of commercial farming activity occurring on your parcel. Please attach additional sheets if needed. Non-Irrigated Crops ___________acres wheat bu/acre_______ ________acres barley tons/acre _______acres hay tons/acre__________ ___________acres alfalfa tons/acre_______ ________ acres other type of crop_________productivity/acre __________ Non-Irrigated Fruit Production _________acres apples ________bu/acre ________trees/acre ______acres cherries ________bu/acre ________trees/acre _________acres pears ________bu/acre ________trees/acre ______acres grapes ________bu/acre ________trees/acre ___________acres other type of crop_______productivity/acre _______ Irrigated Crops ___________acres wheat bu/acre_______ ________acres barley bu/acre _______acres hay tons/acre__________ ___________acres alfalfa tons/acre_______ ___________acres other type of crop_______productivity/acre _______ Irrigated Fruit Production _________acres apples ________bu/acre ________trees/acre ______acres cherries ________bu/acre ________trees/acre _________acres pears ________bu/acre ________trees/acre ______acres grapes ________tons/acre ________vines/acre ___________acres other type of crop_______productivity/acre _______ Grazing Lands primarily devoted to the production of livestock for commercial purposes _________acres _________AUM/acre Enrolled in an USDA Subsidy Program CRP __________acres ____________other program/acres___________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Non productive farmland Incidental Uses of Land (such as wetland preservation, gravel pit, product stand) __________acres __________acres What are your specific commercial farm or ranch plans  (other than monetary) to qualify your parcel(s) to continue in the Current Use Farm and Agricultural Program for the next five years? 2015 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2016______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2017 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2019 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ (You may attach another sheet of paper for the above information) Note the primary use of the land must be devoted to the production of livestock or agricultural commodities for commercial purposes or enrolled in the federal conservation reserve program. This does not represent a percentage.  Rental or Lease Agreements:  If the owner is not  the one farming the land, a lease agreement must be submitted that provides parcel number(s), amount of acreage used, legal description, terms of lease and signatures of both parties. Annual leases must be submitted yearly. For parcels twenty or more acres with housing, the home site may be classified as farm and agricultural land if considered integral to the farming operation. Examples of integral activities: checking on livestock/crops, working on machinery, arranging for work, etc. If owner occupied, does the owner participate in the farming operation? Yes No not applicable If the housing is leased, does the lessee participate in the farming operation? Yes No not applicable   Parcels of land under 20 acres must provide estimated GROSS income from agriculture sales for the next five years 2015 _________ 2016 _________ 2017 _________ 2018 _________ 2019_________ YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT PROOF OF INCOME FOR THREE OUT OF THE FIVE YEARS-RCW 84.34.020 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In the following area please draw a map showing the layout of your parcel such as buildings, production areas, roads, ponds, fences, etc …(If you have a large amount of acreage you may use a USDA or GIS map or other paper)   N NN N What portion, if any of the parcel is fenced? _______________________________ If fenced who maintains the fence? Owner Lessee Other *If other please explain Do you own farm equipment or other items related to your farm or ranch located in Klickitat County? YesNo If equipment or items related to your farm or ranch are owned to what county do you report your personal property?_______________ Will you be purchasing or bringing any farm/ranch equipment or items related to your farm or ranch into the county? Yes No If yes, approximate date? _____________ I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of Washington that the fore going information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Signature ___________________________________________________ Date:_______________________ Please be sure to fill out the entire form. If you have questions or concerns about completing this form, please do not hesitate to contact us. Complete questionnaires should be returned to: Klickitat County Assessor’s Office 205 S. Columbus MS-CH-1 Goldendale, WA 98620 Contact Information: Main line (509) 773-3715 (509) 493-6075 Toll Free 1(800) 764-2235 Fax (509)773-6397 Incomplete Questionnaires Will Be Returned To You for Completion
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