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  6 Question 21 Based on the given pictures, give the correct answers in the full sentences. Write your answers in the spaces provided. Yes, sure Dad.   There are 20 egg cartons already.   Here is a bowl of rice.   Answer:  ___________________________________  ___________________________________  ___________________________________ (2 marks) Answer:  ___________________________________  ___________________________________  ___________________________________ (2 marks) Answer:  ___________________________________  ___________________________________  ___________________________________ (2 marks) (a) (b) (c)  7 Question 22 Study the flyer given. Then answer the questions that follow. Tick (√) the correct answer.  (a)   The aim of poster design competition is to ______________________________ encourage children to know more about the endangered animals build drawing skills among children introduce Prime Animals Welfare Society (1 mark) (b)   Participants must register and send their entries _________________________ by e-mailing to at Prime Animals Welfare Society Customer Service Counter by calling Sara at 0136560125 (1 mark) Endangered Animals Poster Design Competition 2017 Open to participants between 4 to 12 years old. Send your entry form with your name, age, photograph and contact information 1 ST  Prize RM 3000 cash with a chance to take a photo with a baby animal at our private farm. 2 nd  Prize RM 2000 cash with a Panda Colouring Set worth RM 250. 3 rd  Prize RM 1000 cash with a RM 100 Five Star Bookstore voucher. PRIZES PAWS-PRIME ANIMALS WELFARE SOCIETY Register and submit your poster at our Customer Service Counter with a registration fee of RM30. Due date: 24 October 2017 For further enquiries, please contact Sara at 0136560125 Or email to All cheques should be made payable to Prime Animals Welfare Society.  8 (c) List two endangered animals in Malaysia. i)    ______________________________________________ ii)    ______________________________________________ (2   marks) (d) If you won the 1 st  prize in the competition, which animal will you choose to take photograph with ? Why ?  _______________________________________________________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________________ (2   marks) (e) Development process in a country is the major cause of animal extinction. Do you agree ?  Give your reason.  _______________________________________________________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________________ (2   marks)  9 Question 23 Read the text given, then answer the questions that follow. Tick (√) the correct answer.  (c)   The Internet could be surfed on ______________________________. mobile phones fax machines water vending machine (1 mark) (d)   The Internet could be used for these purposes except __________________. sending e-mails browsing web pages printing documents (1 mark) The Internet has changed the way the world communicated. Nowadays, the internet has spread its effect at every nook and corner of the world. It is now the parts and parcels of everyone’s daily lives. The I nternet can be surfed using mobile phones, personal computers, tablets and laptops. The Internet is used all over the world for many purposes including sending electronic mails, messaging, online chat, transferring files, accessing web pages and other documents over the world Wide Web. Online shopping, marketing and banking have also been made easy over the Internet. As for students, the Internet is regarded as the mother of all intervention. Students could access more valuable information to complete their assignment and homework. Besides the positive influence that Internet has in our society, it also plays an important role in spreading negative elements. The Internet provides millions of free online games and has successfully pushed many youngsters and adults into online game addiction. Many others are enjoying the wide range of entertainment like movies and songs provided by the Internet forgetting daily chores and responsibilities
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