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Program to find first and follow
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  import java.util.*; import*; class fstnflw { static char ntermnl[],termnl[]; static int ntlen,tlen; static String grmr[][],fst[],flw[]; public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException { String nt,t; int i,j,n; BufferedReader br=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(; System.out.println( Enter the non-terminals ); nt=br.readLine(); ntlen=nt.length(); ntermnl=new char[ntlen]; ntermnl=nt.toCharArray(); System.out.println( Enter the terminals ); t=br.readLine(); tlen=t.length(); termnl=new char[tlen]; termnl=t.toCharArray(); System.out.println( Specify the grammar(Enter 9 for epsilon production) ); grmr=new String[ntlen][]; for(i=0;i<ntlen;i++) { System.out.println( Enter the number of productions for +ntermnl[i n=Integer.parseInt(br.readLine()); grmr[i]=new String[n]; System.out.println( Enter the productions ); for(j=0;j<n;j++) grmr[i][j]=br.readLine(); } fst=new String[ntlen]; for(i=0;i<ntlen;i++) fst[i]=first(i); System.out.println( First Set ); for(i=0;i<ntlen;i++) System.out.println(removeDuplicates(fst[i])); flw=new String[ntlen]; for(i=0;i<ntlen;i++) flw[i]=follow(i); System.out.println( Follow Set ); for(i=0;i<ntlen;i++) System.out.println(removeDuplicates(flw[i])); } static String first(int i) {  int j,k,l=0,found=0; String temp= ,str= ; for(j=0;j<grmr[i].length;j++) //number of productions { for(k=0;k<grmr[i][j].length();k++,found=0) //when nonterminal has epsilon production { for(l=0;l<ntlen;l++) //finding nonterminal { if(grmr[i][j].charAt(k)==ntermnl[l]) //for nonterminal in first set { str=first(l); if(!(str.length()==1 && str.charAt(0)=='9')) //when epsilon production is the only nonterminal production temp=temp+str; found=1; break; } } if(found==1) { if(str.contains( 9 )) //here epsilon will lead to next nonterminal’s first set  continue; } else //if first set includes terminal temp=temp+grmr[i][j].charAt(k); break; } } return temp; } static String follow(int i) { char pro[],chr[]; String temp= ; int j,k,l,m,n,found=0; if(i==0) temp= $ ; for(j=0;j<ntlen;j++) { for(k=0;k<grmr[j].length;k++) //entering grammar matrix { pro=new char[grmr[j][k].length()]; pro=grmr[j][k].toCharArray(); for(l=0;l<pro.length;l++) //entering each production { if(pro[l]==ntermnl[i]) //finding the nonterminal whose follow set is to be found { if(l==pro.length-1) //if it is the last terminal/non-terminal then follow of current non-terminal {  if(j<i) temp=temp+flw[j]; } else { for(m=0;m<ntlen;m++) { if(pro[l+1]==ntermnl[m]) //first of next non-terminal otherwise (else later…)  { chr=new char[fst[m].length()]; chr=fst[m].toCharArray(); for(n=0;n<chr.length;n++) { if(chr[n]=='9') //if first includes epsilon { if(l+1==pro.length-1) temp=temp+follow(j); //when non-terminal is second last else temp=temp+follow(m); } else temp=temp+chr[n]; //include whole first set except epsilon } found=1; } } if(found!=1) temp=temp+pro[l+1]; //follow set will include terminal(else is here) } } } } } return temp; } static String removeDuplicates(String str) { int i; char ch; boolean seen[] = new boolean[256]; StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(seen.length); for(i=0;i<str.length();i++) { ch=str.charAt(i); if (!seen[ch]) { seen[ch] = true; sb.append(ch);  } } return sb.toString(); } } /* OUTPUT: student@admini:~/Desktop/c229899$ javac student@admini:~/Desktop/c229899$ java fstnflw Enter the non-terminals SABC Enter the terminals ab Specify the grammar(Enter 9 for epsilon production) Enter the number of productions for S 1 Enter the productions aABC Enter the number of productions for A 2 Enter the productions a bb Enter the number of productions for B 2 Enter the productions a 9 Enter the number of productions for C 2 Enter the productions b 9 First Set a ab a9 b9 Follow Set $ ab$ b$ $ */
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