Grouting, Anchoring and Fixing

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Grouting, Anchoring and Fixing
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    Home Industrial Flooring Concrete Repairs Grouting and Anchoring Protective Coatings Joint Sealants Jointing and Paving Mortars Anti-Slip Floor Coatings Product Listing Contact Us Make one call to our directline 01925 852225 to receivestraight forward technicaladvice or click here to email our TechnicalServices Department for immediateassistance and personal response GROUTING, ANCHORING AND FIXING From simple void filling to precision engineering applications we have a vast range of grouting, anchoring and fixing products to meet every situation. Cement based groutswith non-shrink characteristics are used for filling and grouting of base plates in steelframed buildings, machinery beds, crane rails, balustrades, bridge bearing pads anddowel bars. They can be used from “dry pack” to highly flowable consistencieswithout compromising on strength and non -shrink properties.Higher performance resin non -shrink grouts are available for situations demandingresistance to dynamic loading, vibration and corrosion due to harsh environments andchemical attack. They are ideally suited for machinery anchoring and bedding in theautomotive and canning industries.Our systems offer perfect solutions for all high strength, non-shrink grouting,anchoring and fixing applications. Cement Based GroutsMasterflow 765 -  A high specification, high early strength, non-shrink grout for staticloads e.g. base plates, bolt holes, balustrades, dowel bars etc.Can be used from mortar grade to highly flowable consistencies for 10mm – 100mmdepths. Final compressive strength 65N/mm2. Ultracrete HF -  A high early strength non-shrink grout complying with Dept. of TransportHighways Specification. Flowable consistency for bedding bridge bearings andmotorway structure applications.10mm – 100mm depths. Final compressive strength 65N/mm2. Masterflow 885 -  A heavy duty non-shrink grout with a high final strengthof 70N/mm2. Designed to withstand vibration for machinery and railinstallations. 10-100mm depths. Conbextra GP -  a general purpose non shrink grout for void filling,base plates,balustrades, ground anchors. Good final strength 64N/mm2. Used from mortar topourable consistencies. 10-100mm depths Conbextra HF -  a highly flowable non-shrink product for use in locationsof poor access . It may be pumped or poured. Has high final strength 82N/mm2.10-100mm depths Ultracrete MC -  a thick section non-shrink flowable replacement concrete for groutingand repair of concrete section in roads and bridges. Typically 50-150mm. Ultracrete Post Fix -  a rapid hardening concrete ideal for fixing, road signs, fenceposts, minor installations, haunchings, street lighting columns, speed cameras and streetfurniture.For technical information please contact us. Epoxy Resin GroutsMasterflow 101 -  a fast setting high early strength epoxy resin grout. Has excellentchemical resistance and designed to resist high levels of vibration e.g. cranerails, stamping machinery, rail fixings and anchors, canning plants. 5-75mm depths.Final compressive strength 80N/mm2. Masterflow 648CP -  a heavy duty non-shrink epoxy resin grout designed for very largepours and thick section grouting ideal for large scale machinery installations for mediumand heavy industry. Withstands high dynamic loading and vibration.Final compressive strength 90N/mm2. Nitofill LV/TH  - epoxy resin injection and crack repair grouts for concrete and masonry.High bond strengths accomodating crack widths of 0.25-9mm. Conbextra EP -  a versatile range of epoxy resin grouts for use from 0.25 mm – 120 mmused for fine crack repairs in concrete to machine and bridge bearing installations. Resin Anchor Grouts / FixingsLokfix -  two rapid setting and hardening resin grouts for fixing bolts, studs, accessladders, railings etc. into concrete and masonry. Used to wall ties and balustradesquickly. Corrosion resistant with high Pullout strengths. For use in both horizontal INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE & CONSTRUCTIONPRODUCTS CONSULTANCY, SERVICE & SUPPLY CALL NOW!Tel: 01925 852225 Grouting, Anchoring and Fixing -> 212/01/2012 17:57   And vertical situations. Zetacartridge -  a high bond strength fixing and grouting resin for anchors, studs andholding down bolts. Ideal for multiple use fixing of wall tiles and dowel bars. Chemical Resistant Tile GroutP.C.I. Epoxy Grout -  an epoxy resin based grout for wall and floor tile applications inswimming pools, hospitals, laboratories and sewerage plants. 3-15mm.Furane cement grouts and adhesives. Contact us for technical information. Home :: How to Repair Industrial Concrete Floors Manual ::  Anti-Slip Floor Coatings :: Chemical Resistant Coatings Self-levelling and Pumpable Screeds ::  Anti-slip Floor Paints and Hygienic Coatings :: Fast Set Floor Repair Mortars Why use epoxy resin grouts :: Epoxy and Polyurethane Resin Screeds and Seamless Floors :: Basement Waterproof Paints and Treatments Fast Setting Highway, Motorway and Road Repair Products :: Concrete Repair Mortars :: Pothole Repair Products European Standard EN 1504   Grouting, Anchoring and Fixing -> 212/01/2012 17:57
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