Handbook 2000 (September)

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Handbook Peugeot 406 Coupe '00
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  Handbook 4 6 rJ P UG OT  AN 406 0632 Anglais  P UG OT Dear Driver, Would you like to know how to adjust the driver's seat , check the lighting or operate the heating in your 4 6 Coupe? The first few pages of this handbook , entitled Your 406 Coupe at Glance   gather together the items of information which you may find essential or need to find rapidly, before taking to the road. The contents page then introduces three main headings. The first heading, Maintenance of your 4 6 Coupe  , explains the maintenance schedule recommended by PEUGEOT, and provides the information necessary for carrying out the most common operations. The second heading , Your 4 6 Coupe in Detai , describes all the equipment inside the vehicle which you can adjust to provide the greatest comfort , not only for yourself but for your passengers: the heating , the audio equipment , the seats , etc . The last section, Driving your 4 6 Coupe , introduces the high technology equipment fitted to your vehicle: according to the specification of your vehicle this may be , automatic, autoadaptive gearbox , ABS , front and side airbags , etc. At the end of the handbook you will find technical data specific to your 4 6 Coupe , categorised by engine , and an alphabetical index to help you quickly find what you need. Enjoy your reading , and your driving  YOUR 406 COUPE AT A GLANCE D Seats ® Steering wheel controls Instrument dials Heating air conditioning @ Mirrors Pages 87 92 94 95 96 103 44 47 109 110 For more lnformation efer to the page in the handbook indicated by the symbol shown here ® Checks \ Changing a bulb ® Access ® Fuel filler flap ® Changing a wheel Pages 24 27 31 32 84 85 85 28 30 Each model may only be fitted with some of the equipment shown according to its specification and ttile technical requirements in the country of first registration of the veh icle
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