Hassan Bin Sabith

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  Introduction Hassan Ibn Thabit (Ra) was a very dear companion of our beloved prophet (P.B.U.H). Hewas the first and most notable poet who used his beautiful poetry to praise the prophet(P.B.U.H) Hassan Ibn Thabit (Ra) became Islams earliest poetic defender. His !ritin sin defense of prophet (P.B.U.H.) #ontain reference to contemporary events that have been useful in documentin the period. He was also Islams first reli ious poet$ usin many phrases from the %uran in his verses. The wor& Hassan Ibn Thabit (Ra) wasinstrumental in spreadin the messa e of the prophet ('..!)$ as the rabs were reat poets and this formed a lar e part of the culture. The wor& and words of Hassan are stillre arded as the beloved messen er (P.B.U.H)$ and confirm how Islam Permits the use of different talents and abilities.!hen the enemies of Islam would use their poets to defame Rasool llah themessen er of llah would send forward his dear Hassan b. 'abit who would in his most beautiful words defend the honor of his beloved.Harat Hssan Ibn 'abit was on of the eldest companions$ acceptin Islam in his*+s. He went on to live till the a e of about ,-+. The prophet (P.B.U.H) had so muchlove for Harat Hassan b. saabit that he ordered for a mimbar to be established his poetry.The holy prophet for him$ so he could stand upon it when deliverin his poetry. The holy prophet prayed for him sayin that the an le abriel (as) will support you as lon as youdefend llah and his prophet (P.B.U.H.) we read many poems and listen to many nasheedreciters$ but Hassan b 'aabit was the first of them all. The holy prophet (P.B.U.H.) usedto as& them to say verses in his presence.He was one of the best and most famous naat &hwaan at the time of /abi'allallahu ali wa 'allum . !ho use to recite naat verses in front of the prophet(P.B.U.H).The prophet (P.B.U.H) use to put his chaadar mubari& on the floor and used tosay Harat Hassan 'it on it.0 1any times /abi (P.B.U.H)used to say to harat Hassan0.Hassan 'it on that mimbar where prophet (P.B.U.H) used to 'it Prophet (P.B.U.H) usedto recite this dua for Harat Hassan b 'abit (R.).  Chapter – I His Life Unli&e the poets so far considered who lived for the most part of their lives indesert environments. Hassan was a town poet. He was born and brou ht up at yathrib(madina) and belon ed to a respectable family of the south2 rabian tribe &hara3 which$alon with the sister tribe aus$ had had the distinction of protectin and helpin the prophet a ainst the persecution of the %uraish and was destined$ under the title of thensar (the helpers)$ to attain reat prosperity net only to that of the %uraish$ the clan of the prophet (P.B.U.H.)Hassan lived$ ccordin to the most prevalent view$ for one hundred and twentyyears. 4ery little is &nown about the first half (si5ty years) of his life which he is said tohave passed before  few reports establish his #onnection with the hassanid princess of the 'yrian border$ particularly all 2 Harith Ibn bi'hamir $mr bin l2Harith and the lastif the line 6abala b. l iham a few others refer to the role of arbiter and peace2 ma&er which his father played in tribal disputes.Hassan 7ived by Poetry His chief petron were the hassanid Princes$ whom here ularly visited with pane yric. It is 'aid that he composed many 'plendid odes in their honour$ but e5cept for a few fra ment and a 'hort ele y upon l2Harith $they are not to be found in his diwan (8 yption 8dition). His e5tant poetry is$ however$ enou h toestablish his position as a reat poet and his fame as an ardent champion of the cause of Islam and defender of the honor of the prophet (P.B.U.H) and his companions.9iplomatic and military success of the prophet (P.B.U.H) led the :uraish to launch acampai n of satire a ainst the former and his companions. This campai n was led by four influential men bu'ufiyan b. al Harith b. bu muttalib a cousin of the prophet(P.B.U.H). s the 'ituation become intolerable the prophet(P.B.U.H) in consulation withhis friends decided after the battle of al2&handa: in ;<*-* to pay the satirist in their owncoins . Three 1en 4oluntreered to do the 3ob Hassan b Thabit . bdullah b Rawaha$ &aab b. 1ali& .Hassan and &aab refuted the char es of the satirist and paraded their defeat andwea& point. bdullah b. Rawaha too& the line of condemnin their superstition and#orrupt reli ious beliefs.  Hassan had reat confidence in his poetic Power. 0If I were to put my ton ue0$ hewould say with an air of vanity $ on hair$ it would split it0.It is said that the Prophet nowand then as&ed Hassan to climb up the pulpit at the con re ational mos:ue and recite his poetry in demoniation of the %uraish and mali n those who mali ned the prophet.Thou h very brave in poetic e5chan es and an e5cellent celebrator of velour in poetry$Hassan is said to have never participated in any war of the prophet (P.B.U.H.) because of his faint heartedness$ accordin to another. Thou h he lived till the middle of the firstcentury of the hi3ra.In his youth he traveled to l2 Hira and 9amascus. Then 'ettled in madina werethe advent of 1ohammad (P.B.U.H.) he accepted Islam and wrote poems in defense of him. He was one of the best poets of the time who would often win poetry competitionand the li&e he was a prime e5ample of how early muslims were able to use their pre2Islamic talent for the cause of Islam.1ohammad ave Hassan his slave sirin $ the sister o f 1ohammads wife maria al2 %ibtiyya. The 'isters of 8 yptian #optic sent as ifts to 1uhammad by 1u:aw:is aruler of 8 ypt$ in around *-= sirin bore Hassan a son 0 bdul 2Rahman b Hassan.  Chapter – II HASSAN IN THE ISLAMIC PERIOD In 622, the Prophet 1uhammad and his followers mi rated to >athrib (1adina) toescape persecution in 1ecca$ and within a short period of lime a number of t he   residentsof 1adina convened to Islam$ Hassans  brother   ws is listed amon the early   converts in1adina$ hut Hassan may have been a more reluctant convert. He does not appear on anyof t h e  lists of early converts$ nor was he assi ned an immi rant brother    despite hisownership of a lar e fortress. Hassans stron sense of tribal loyally and his   devotion to alife of pleasure may have initially been obstacles to his embrace of Islam.   9arw i sh hasinterpreted Hassans absence from these early events and his apparent lac&    of interest inthe new reli ion in this way? As we entioned! Hassan was preoccupied with the e istin# haired$etween Aws and %ha&ra'( and he was distracted $) the *ife of p*easure and hedonis to which he was addicted! He was in a$eautifu* drea+*ute s*u$er! In this drea( he con'ured up his richpast in a*+Sha in the cast*es of the ,hassanids( That distant pastwhispered *o hi that *ife was fa-hr and sp*endor( en'o)ent andp*easure! Lo.e of that *ife saturated Hassan/s heart to the point thathe saw it as the rea* wor*d! He $e*ie.ed that spoi*in# it $) thin-in#a$out the un-nown and see-in# out trou$*e $) ta-in# part in aconf*ict( which did not concern hi or his tri$e( $etween an o*d and anew re*i#ion wrest*in# each other was a t)pe of foo*ishness that peop*ewho did not understand fe** into! So( he turned his $ac- on the a**and -ept to hise*f and to that *ife! Hassan did eventually embrace Islam and be an to employ his poetic s&ills in theservice of the new reli ion. @ollowin the sie e of 1adina$ a full2scale war of words bro&e out between the pa an poets of 1ecca and the 1uslim poets of 1adina. lon directed at the enemies of the Prophet. These poems which were hurled bac& and forth
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