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helical coil heat exchanger
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  HELICAL COIL HEAT EXCHANGER INTRODUCTION A heat exchanger  is a device used to transfer heat between a soid ob!ect and a fluid or between two or #ore $uids% The $uids #a& be se'arated b& a soid wato 'revent #i(in) or the& #a& be in direct contact% The cassic e(a#'e of a heat e(chan)er is found in an internal combustion engine     in which a circua*n) $uid +nown as engine coolant     $ows throu)h radiator   cois and air   $ows 'ast the cois which coos the cooant and heats the inco#in)  air  % Helical coil heat exchangers have been used in the nuclear industry as a method for exchanging heat in a sodium system for large liquid metal fast breeder reactors since the early 1970s, using an HCHE device invented by Charles E. oardman and !ohn H. ermer. #here are several sim$le methods for designing HCHE for all ty$es of manufacturing industries, such as using the %amachandra &.'atil (et al.) method from *ndia and the +cott +. Haraburda method from the nited +tates. HCHE wi be the best choice in case of foowin) cases, 1.#he main advantage of the HCHE, li-e that for the +HE, is its highly efficientuse of s$ace, es$ecially hen it/s limited and not enough straight $i$e can be laid..nder conditions of lo florates (or laminar flo), such that the ty$ical shellandtube exchangers have lo heattransfer coefficients and becominguneconomical.2.3hen there is lo $ressure in one of the fluids, usually from accumulated $ressure dro$s in other $rocess equi$ment. 405 6.3hen one of the fluids has com$onents in multi$le $hases (solids, liquids, and gases), hich tends to create mechanical $roblems during o$erations, such as  $lugging of smalldiameter tubes. Cleaning of helical coils for these multi$le$hasefluids can $rove to be more difficult than its shell and tube counter$art hoever the helical coil unit ould require cleaning less often GEO-ETR. O/ HELICAL COIL0  The sche#a*c dia)ra# shows di#ensiona and o'era*n) 'ara#eters of heica coi heat e(chan)er%  /i)12, 0che#a*c of she and heica coi 3% EX4ERI-ENTAL 4ROCEDUREThe sche#a*c dia)ra# of the e('eri#enta set u' is as shown in /i)%5% The e('eri#enta set u' consists of a she in which the heica coi co''er tube is 'aced throu)h which hot water is #ade to $ow with the he' of a centrifu)a 'u#'% To ensure #a(i#u# heat transfer the co''er heica coi is fu& i##ersed in the cod water $owin) throu)h the she the inet and outet are so 'aced as shown in /i)% 2%The she is we insuated so as to avoid the heat oss to the surroundin)% The #ain co#'onents in the set u' incude centrifu)a 'u#' hea*n) ee#ent cod water stora)e tan+ and hot water stora)e tan+% The heat e(chan)er which incudes the heica co''er tube and insuated she is 'erfect& seaed so as to avoid the ea+a)e of hot water $owin) throu)h tube and cod water $owin) throu)h she in a counter $ow #anner %The water in the stora)e tan+ is heated usin) a hea*n) ee#ent as the water reaches to a 'rescribed te#'erature% The centrifu)a 'u#' circuates the hot water throu)h the heica coi% The ba vaves are   used to contro the $ow rate of  hot and cod water% A caibrated rota#eter was used to #easure the she side cod water $ow rate whie for the tube side hot water $ow rate a caibrated vane t&'e $ow #eter is used and data was recorded usin) a data o))er s&ste#% The inet and outet te#'eratures of hot and cod water were recorded usin) caibrated L- 63 te#'erature sensor throu)h the data o))er s&ste#% 4ressure )au)es were used to #easure the 'ressure oss in the heica coi tube% The tube and she side ther#o1'h&sica 'ro'er*es of water were assessed at their #ean te#'eratures% A44LICATION0  The use of heica& coied e(chan)ers con*nues to increase%A''ica*ons incude i7uid hea*n)8cooin) stea# heaters va'or1i9ers cr&o)enic cooin) and vent condensin)% Listed beow are the detais for standard services in which heicae(chan)ers warrant considera*on%: 0a#'e Cooin): Ana&9er 4re1cooin): 0ea Cooers: Condensers: Cr&o)enic ;a'ori9ers: Co#'ressor Inter1 and A<er1Cooers: Genera A''ica*ons  . LI-ITATION0  There are ver& few i#ita*ons for the use of heica& coied heat e(chan)ers%Genera& a 'ressure i#it of 2= === 'si) covers the #a!orit& of a''ica*ons%Te#'erature i#its are deter#ined b&  construc*on #aterias as are the corrosion rates%0urface areas of 2 to >3= s7% <%are avaiabe and usin) units inseries or 'arae #a& e(tend this ran)esubstan*a&%% CONCLU0ION  The desi)n and ther#a evaua*on of stud& under considera*on is done and hasfoowin) concusions,2% The desi)n 'rocedure ado'ted )ives si9in) and ra*n) ana&sis of heica coi heat e(chan)er and resuts are found in )ood a)ree#ent with the e('eri#enta resuts%5% ?& increasin) #ass $ow rate of hot water the e@ec*veness increases at constant cod water #ass $ow rate% 6% hen #ass $ow rate of cod water is #aintained at ower vaue the e@ec*veness is #a(i#u# but when #ass $ow rates of cod water increases e@ec*veness decreases corres'ondin)&%B%The overa heat transfer coecient and Heat transfer rate increases with increase in #ass $ow rate of hot water% 3% Aso te#'erature of hot water at outet increases with increase in hot water $ow rate in the tube%
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