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The IAME Identification Network is a blockchain based company in Mauritius, built for the Blockchain ecosystem,offering Ethereum and IAM Tokens through it's ICO.
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  IAME An Expert System forBlockchain IdentityVerification www.iame.io Nathaniel Tsang Mang KinSuryani Chang  Abstract  A decentralized identication system that would allow parties performing blockchain transactions to verify, on a primary level, the identity of each other without having to dis - close non-essential sensitive personal information to the counterparties; and on a sec - ondary level the source of the Cryptocurrencies in the transaction. Identication would be conducted by a multitude of independent third party validators, each verifying fragments of information that together would constitute a complete verication, such that only the srcinal owner of the sensitive personal information retains her/his data in a wholesome and useful way. The result of the identication process would be hashed onto a designated blockchain and made accessible on a public repository such that the identication status and source of the cryptocurrencies associated with specic blockchain addresses can be consulted, without compromising the unique identication data.  1. I ntroduction 12. Deconstructing the Identification Process 23. Fragmenting the Identification Process 34. The IAME Identification Network 55. The IAM Token 76. Third Party Validation 87. Reward and Ranking Mechanism 108. An Identification System for Blockchain P2P Transaction 119. A Platform for Financial Institutions 1210. Conclusion 13 Contents  1 1. Introduction Current identification systems rely on people having to share their personal information and supporting evidence with counterparties in order to identify themselves and their source of wealth. Those counterparties hold the shared data wholly, and the more data a person shares with those counterparties, the easier it is to identify the person and their source of wealth. If a person is to transact with n counterparties, it results into a topological star network with n nodes, each acting as point of vulnerability to the data sharer. Regardless of security measures, the more data a person surrenders, the more severe the fallout from any potential security breach.All too often the counterparties/nodes do share the data partially or wholly with third parties, which in turn extends the initial star network, hence increasing the number of points of vulnerability in the former network. Technological innovation in encryption mostly work with regards to securing the transmission of data between two or more nodes in a network, however they do not address the issue of an increase in the number of nodes in a sensible data network. As the number of electronic transactions a person conducts increases in frequency, the number of nodes in their personal data network subsequently increases exponentially, consequently increasing the number of points of vulnerability. The solution we are proposing is to change the way the identification process is conducted to the point that a person’s data is fragmented prior to confirmation by a series of independent third parties, who are not affiliated to any parties within the transaction. The third parties would be assigned the task of confirming fractured pieces of personal data, which by themselves are useless to malicious parties, however, the sum of which would constitute a valid identification to the transactional counterparty. As a result of this, this would bypass the need for any transactional counterparty from having to process or store non-essential data.The above process would take place on the IAME Identification Network, a purpose-built system to service the fragmented identification process,fueled by the IAM cryptographic token. Functionality of the IAME Identification Network would principally serve Blockchain P2P transactions, however, usage would be extensible to merchant transactions and financial institutions in the provision of blockchain related services.
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