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  Al Atheer ’ sEngineering Study Next Generation Global Inflight Internet Technology Honeywell Ka vs GOGO 2Ku This Engineering Study based on internet available Data  IN-FLIGHT CONNECTIVITY (IFC) OVERVIEW  IN-FLIGHT CONNECTIVITY OVERVIEW  In-flightConnectivity: In-flight connectivity is more complex than providing Wi-Fi in astationary location, such as in a home or airport lounge. To provide aglobal, wireless network that can keep thousands of aircraftconnected simultaneously, there are some key considerations. - BANDWIDTHMANAGEMENT: The available bandwidth for a given aircraft is inherently more limited  –   and this limited amount of bandwidth must be shared among all theconnected devices onboard. This bandwidth must be managed todeliver an equitable experience to everyone connected to thenetwork. - TAKINGCONNECTIVITYWORLDWIDE: When a network is global Regulatory Approval are required serviceproviders are responsible for securing the appropriate approvals andlicensing on a country by country basis.  IN-FLIGHT CONNECTIVITY OVERVIEW - SUPPLYANDDEMAND: All networks have finite capacity, and demand almost invariablyexceeds supply, the available bandwidth must be managedappropriately to remain viable.  KeyConsiderationsfor   Operators: The cost of connectivity, equipment and service. There ’ s alsoinstallation, maintenance, network management, and fuel burn  –   allof factors create Impact. - CABINSERVER&NETWORK: The onboard server that acts as the hub between the cabin ’ s wirelessnetwork and the data moving on and off the aircraft via the wirelessaccess points, radio frequency converters, etc.. that creates the Wi-Finetwork within the cabin. Connectivity and Speed within Aircraftdepend on this.
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