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   Page | 1 Material Safety Data Sheet Linear Alkyl Benzene 1.   Chemical Product and Company Information :    Trade name: Linear Alkyl Benzene.    Synonyms: Benzene C10-C13 alkyl Derivatives / LAB    CAS Number : 67774-74-7    Manufacture : SEEF LIMITED QATAR P.O.Box# 50077 - Mesaieed , Qatar Tel.: +974-44223562 - Fax: +974-40139525   2.   Hazard Identification:    Health Hazard:  NFPA Rating: 1 HMIS Rating: 1    Flammability Hazard:  NFPA Rating: 1 HMIS Rating: 1    Reactivity Hazard:  NFPA Rating: 0 HMIS Rating: 0    Environmental Hazard:  Not applicable. 3.   First Aid:    Eye:   Flush eyes with water for at least 15 minutes.      Skin: Wash the skin with soap and water, If irritation persists get medical attention.     Inhalation: Remove to fresh air and train people give CPR, get Medical attention if required.     Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting, Get Medical attention.  4.   Fire fighting measures:      Extinguishing Media: CO 2 , dry Chemical powder and foam.     Fire Data: Flash point 130 o C    Combustible products: CO and CO 2   5.   Accidental release measures:    Person-related safety precautions Wear protective clothing and equipment. Isolate hazard area. Evacuate all unauthorized personnel not participating in rescue operations from the area. Avoid entry into danger area. Remove all  possible sources of ignition. Stop traffic and switch off the motors of the engines. Do not smoke and do not handle with naked flame. Use explosion-proof lamps and non-sparking tools. Avoid contact with the substance.    Precautions for protection of the environment: Prevent from further leaks of substance. Dike flow of spilled material using soil or sandbags to minimize   Page | 2 contamination of drains, surface and ground waters. If Linear Alkyl Benzene has flowed into drains, ponds or sewage systems, inform appropriate authority.      Recommended methods for cleaning and disposal: Soak up residues with non-combustible absorbent material (e.g. sand, earth, vermiculite) and forward for disposal in closed containers. Dispose off under valid legal waste regulations. 6.   Handling and storage:    Handling in accordance with good hygiene and safety procedures, since empty containers contain residue, follow all hazard warning and  precautions.    Store in a cool, dry and well ventilated area. Store separately from combustible, organic and oxidizable materials. 7.   Exposure control:  Personal protective equipment (PPE) for the protection of eyes, hands and skin corresponding with the performed labor has to be kept at disposition for the employees. All PPE have to be kept in disposable state and the damaged or contaminated equipment has to be replaced immediately.    Eye: Use chemical safety goggles.    Skin: Wear impervious protective clothing, including boots, gloves and coveralls.    Respiratory protection: If the exposure limit is exceeded and engineering controls are not feasible, wear a supplied air, full-face piece respirator, airline hood, or full face piece self-contained breathing apparatus.    Environmental exposure controls: Proceed in accordance with valid air and water legislative regulations. 8.   Physical and chemical properties: Physical State: Liquid Appearance: Colorless Odor: Odorless pH: Not Applicable Boiling Range: 270  –   320 o C Flash Pint: 130 o C Flammability: Not Available Explosive properties: Not Applicable Oxidizing properties: Not Available Freezing Point: 4 o C Vapor pressure mm Hg @ 20 o C: <0.1 Water Solubility: Negligible Viscosity: 5- 10 cps @ 20 o C Vapor Density: 8.4 Specific Gravity: 0.86 9.   Stability and reactivity: Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizers and No dangerous polymerization. 10.   Disposal: Waste can be incinerated under controlled conditions or land filled according to official regulations.  This information contained herein has been compiled from sources considered by SEEF Limited to be dependable and is accurate to the best of the company’s knowledge. The information relates to the specific  products designated herein, and doses not relate to use in combination with any other material of any other  process. SEEF Limited disclaims any liability for injury to the recipient or third persons or for any damage to any property resulting on misuses of the controlled product.
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