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  Definition   Mouth washes are the solutions intended for cleaning,refreshing and deodorizing mouth and also may be used as therapeutic acids in treatment of  gingival/mucosal diseases.  All mouth washes are liquids usually in the dominantly aqueous form but many products may be prepared in the solid/liquid concentration which are diluted with water just for use.  Alcohol/glycerol concentration have all been described as mouth washes/preparations.  Mouth washes are broadly classified as  Astringent Mouth wash.  Antiseptic Mouth wash.  Buffered Mouth wash.  Deodorizing Mouth wash.  Therapeutic Mouth wash.    Astringent Mouth wash: These shrink and protect the inflamed oral mucosa and also serve the purpose of flocculating and precipitating  protein aqueous material so that it can be removed by flushing.
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