NAFLD-dr. Masrul Kuliah

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  Dr Masrul Lubis SpPD-KGEH Divisi Gastroenterologi dan HepatologiDepartemen Ilmu Penyakit Dalam FK USU/RSUP Adam Malik /RSU USU Medan  Epidemiology  NAFLDisoneofthemostcommonliverdisordersinindustrializedcountries,withtype2diabetes,obesity,hyperlipidemia,andcardiovasculardiseasebeingthemostfrequentlyevaluatedandcitedriskfactorsforthepresenceofNAFLDandaccelerateddisease.  Terminology   ALD:  Alcoholic Liver Disease Significant alcohol consumption* > 21 drinks/week for males> 14 drinks/weeks for females  NAFLD: Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Diseasesteatosis without hepatocyteinjury   NASH:Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitissteatosis with inflammation, hepatocyte injury  with or without fibrosis *Sanyal, et al Hepatology 2011  Natural History of FLDfatty liver steatohepatitis steatohepatitis + fibrosis steatohepatitis + cirrhosiscryptogenic cirrhosis
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