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this file/ pdf. contains everything undergone under NBFC (non- banking financial company) naming 'S.E. Investments' now 'Paisalo'. I ensure that this will help you to find out all the operations conducted under a NBFC.
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     NBFC’s: A study of small finance division with reference to S.E. Investments Ltd. 2 Acknowledgement  It gives me great ecstasy of pleasure to convey my deep and sincere thanks to  MR. SUNIL AGARWAL    for giving me constant encouragement.  I have great pleasure in expressing my sincere gratitude and hearty thanks to all the  Faculty members of my college for consenting to be my guide. They had been a great  source of encouragement and inspired me throughout my project. I am greatly thankful to them for everything they have done for me.  I take this opportunity to pay deep sense of regard to my almighty mater and sincere  gratitude to  Mr. Rajesh Sharma,  Finance Controller(S.E. Investments, Agra), who  gave his valuable time for completion of my research work. Without his constant  guidance and abundant encouragement throughout the study, it would have not been  possible to carry out the project effectively.  I express my hearty thanks to the whole  staff   who gave me continuous support in every possible manner to gain practical knowledge in the Company.  Especially I would like to thank my  parents . I would also thank those render any assistance directly and indirectly in any form of the completion of this study.  Akanksha Jain Student of M.B.A.  NBFC’s: A study of small finance division with reference to S.E. Investments Ltd. 3 DECLARATION I, Akanksha Jain Student of MBA III Semester, Hindustan Institute of Management & Computer Studies Farah Mathura, hereby solemnly declare that the Summer Trainig Report titled “NBFC’s:A STUDY OF SMALL FINANCE DIVISION WITH REFERENCE TO S.E. INVESTMENTS LTD. ” is the outcome of my own research and prepared by me and the same has not been submitted to any other University or institute for the award of any degree or diploma. PLACE---------------- DATE : 18/11/2017 Name of Student : Akanksha Jain Roll NO. 1606770005  NBFC’s: A study of small finance division with reference to S.E. Investments Ltd. 4 INDEX   S.NO. TITLE PAGE NO. INTRODUCTION 7-15 1 INDUSTRY PROFILE 8 2 BANKING SECTOR 9 3 DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BANKS &  NBFC’s  12 4 CLASSIFICATION OF NBFC’s  12 COMPANY PROFILE 18-21 1 S.E. INVESTMENTS LTD. PROFILE 19 2 VISION AND MISSION 19 3 FORMATION OF THE COMPANY 20 4 STRUCTURE OF THE COMPANY 21 5 EMPLOYEES OF THE COMPANY 22 6 SWOT ANALYSIS OF THE COMPANY 22 FINANCIAL REPORT OF THE COMPANY 24-28 1 YEARLY RESULT 25 2 BALANCE SHEET 27 3 PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT 28 PRODUCT AND SERVICES 30-38 LITERATURE REVIEW 39-41 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 42-45 1 NEED OF THE STUDY 42 2 OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY 43
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