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kata pengantar
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  PREFACE First of all, the writer wants to express thanks to Allah SWT, because of His bless and grace so that authors can complete the tutorial report entitled Tutorial Case Scenario A Report on Block VIII as the task of group competence. Shalawat and greetings always poured out to our lord, the great prophet Muhammad and his family, friends, and followers until the end of time.   The author realizes that this tutorial report is far from perfect. Therefore the authors are expecting constructive criticism and suggestions for future improvements. In the completion of this tutorial report, the author received a lot of help, guidance and suggestions. On this occasion, the author would like to convey his respect and thanks to: 1. Allah SWT, who has given life with faith. 2. Both parents who always provide material and support. 3. dr. Mitayani, M.Si.Med 5. All friends who help the writers. May Allah SWT give reward for all the charity given to all those who have supported the author and hopefully this tutorial report is useful for us and the development of knowledge. Hope we are always in the protection of Allah SWT. Aamiin. Palembang, 21 September, 2017 Author  TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface i Table of contents ii Chapter I. Introduction 1.1   Background 1 1.2   Purpose 1 Chapter II. Discussion 2.1 Tutorial Data 2 2.2 Case 2 2.3.Terms Clarification 3 2.4 Problem Identification 4 2.5 Problem Priority 5 2.6 Problem Analysis 5 2.7 Conclusion 15 2.8 Conceptual Sceme 16 References iii  REFERENCES Brynt,B. 2015.  Leukositosis Dalam Proses Infeksi. Surakarta: FK UNS Guyton, A.C., dan Hall, J.E. 2008.  Buku Ajar Fisiologi Kedokteran Edisi 11 . Jakarta: EGC Kementrian Kesehatan Republik Indonesia. 2014.  Panduan Praktik Klinis Bagi  Dokter Di Fasilitas Pelayanan Kesehatan Primer  . Jakarta Matthew, dkk. 2001.  Evaluation and Management of Patient With Neck Mass. UTMB: Department Of Otolaryngology Marcdante, dkk., 2013. Nelson  Ilmu Kesehatan Anak Esensial Edisi Keenam . Elsevier - Local. Jakarta. Mohseni, dkk. 2013.  Peripheral Lymphadenopaty: Approach and Diagnostic Tools. Shiraz University of Medical Science  Nacleiro,R,dkk.2010 .’Pathophysiology of Nasal Congestion’  .NCBI.vol 3. Oehadian, A. 2013.  Diagnosis Approach Of Lymphadenopaty. Bandung: Universitas Padjajaran Price, Sylvia A. dan Lorraine M. Wilson. 2006.  Patofisiologi :Konsep Klinis dan  Proses-Proses Penyakit  . Jakarta : EGC.   Sherwood, L. 2012.  Fisiologi Manusia dari Sel ke Sistem . Edisi 6. Jakarta : EGC. Sudoyo AW,dkk.2009.  Buku Ajar Ilmu Penyakit Dalam . Jilid II edisi V. Jakarta: Interna Publishing Thomas, Benoy J.2006.  Pharyngitis, Bacterial  . [online].Accessed 19 sept 2017; available from : URL: 
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