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prepositions exercises b1
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   PREPOSITIONS B1 Choose whether each of the following sentences requires on, in, or at.   1.Will you be ________ home today? 2. He is never late. He always comes ________ time. 3. How many students are ________ your class? 4. The teacher wrote something ________ the board. 5. Many people work ________ this building. 6. I will meet you ________ 7:00 PM. 7. Let's meet ________ Wednesday. 8. I am going to Japan ________ seven days. 9. I met John ________ my friend's party. 10. She was sitti ________ her car. Choose the best preposition to use in each of the sentences: 1. I'm not capable ________________ that type of behavior. of in at 2. Smoking is bad ________________ you. at for on 3. I'm so angry ________________ this! about with to 4. I'm so angry _______________ you! about to with 5. She was dressed _______________ pink. with in on  6. This restaurant is famous _______________ its mussels. in with for 7. George is married _______________ a German woman. to with by 8. Are you afraid ________________ him? of to on 9. I'm so proud _______________ you! with of to 10. We're not associated _______________ that company. along in with    She used to work ...........M&S. in on at for    Lots of people worry ........... their future after Brexit. for about at to    I always listen ........... music when driving. on to at -    He never travels ........... work by car. in to for on    Can you look ............ our dog while we're away on holiday, please? on in over after    I look forward ........... hearing from you soon. in at to towards    The twin sisters next door often shout ........... each other when   drunk. on at to for    We don t often watch films .......... TV in the evening,.  in at on towards    Can you pick me up ............ the airport, please? in on at for    She often looks ......... her mobile. She can never remember where she left it. on at to for    Look .......... this picture. It's absolutely beautiful! on in at to    You can always rely .... her. She's a really good peron. in on to for    Have you ever forgoten to pay .... your beer in a pub? to on over for    I found an interesting recipe ...... the Internet. in on at from    I have no plasn fot this weekend. It all depends ..... the weather. to for on over    Parents should be responsible .... their children in public places (restaurants, cafes,etc.) to on over for    Can you recommend a good film for on to in    How romantic! He proposed .......... her and she said 'Yes'. to at on for     I rarely complain ......... the quality of service in pubs/bars/restaurants. of about at for    She never goes ......... lunch to a fast food restaurant. to on at for    Promise ....... me to call me when you arrive. to for upon - PREPOSITION 2 CHOOSE the correct preposition 1 The bus arrived ___ 8:30 A.M At on in  2 The children are swimming ___ the pool. In on between 3 There's a picture ___ the wall . In into on 4 There is a fence ___ the house. Around up between 5 Granny is sitting ___ the fire. On by in 6 Harold is hiding ___ the chair. Up at behind 7 Jack climbed ___ the beanstalk. Up at on 8 We divided the candy ___ us. Behind in between 9 I dived ___ the river. Up into on 10 Don't go too ___ the edge. Near up at Complete with the right preposition: IN, ON, AT. a. The play is ___________ Monday, 9:30 night. b. My neighbor plays baskeetball ____________ Sundays.
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