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kolon taban plakası
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  19.03.2018Thckness Desgn of Column Base Plate Connectons (EC3) - Structvlle...http://www.structvckness-desgn-of-column-base-plate.html?m=11/4      HomeAboutContact A HUB FOR CIVIL ENGINEERING RELATEDDESIGNS, ANALYSIS, DISCUSSION,INFORMATION, AND KNOWLEDGE..... Tanrı'yı kolayca bulmak  Tanrı'yı nasıl bulursun ve arayısın sona erer. Daha harika bir ş ey yok. Ba ş la.  TRENDING POSTS: EUROCODE 7 Design of Piles in Sand: Case Study of Lekki Pennisula, Lagos Nigeria ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS Linear Interpo      Eurocode 3    Steel Structures    Thickness Design of Column Base Plate Connections (EC3) by   Ubani Obinna Ranks on  October 05, 2017  in  Eurocode 3, Steel Structures Problem Statement  It is required to specify the appropriate thickness of a base plate to support a UC 203 x 203 x 60 subjected to the followingloads. The connection is assumed to be pinned with four bolts outside the column profile. The supporting concrete is to have a grade f ck  = 25 N/mm 2   Thickness Design of Column Base Plate Connections(EC3) FACEBOOK Be the frst of your frends to lke ths Structvlle Engneerng 4,470 lkes Lke Page Ubani Obinna Ranks Ubani Obinna Ranks184 followers Follow GOOGLE+ BADGE Ubani Obinna Ranks  Follow  184 Purpose driven personalityBachelors Degree (B.Eng) iEngineering from Nnamdi Azikiwe UniverPassionate about civil engineering profesexperienced in structural analysis and deView my complete profile ABOUT ME   HOMEFEATURESABOUT USCONTACT USOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES  19.03.2018Thckness Desgn of Column Base Plate Connectons (EC3) - Structvlle...http://www.structvckness-desgn-of-column-base-plate.html?m=12/4 RECENTPOPULARCO Characteristic force from permanent action G k  = 620 kN Characteristic force from leading variable action Q k  = 132 kN Partial Factor for loads (BS EN 1990 NA Table NA.A1.2(B)) Permanent action γ G  = 1.35 (unfavourable) Variable action γ G  = 1.5 Reduction factor ξ  = 0.925 At ultimate limit state; N Ed  = 1.35G k  + 1.5Q k  N Ed  = 1.35(620) + 1.5(132) = 1035 kN Column Dimensions and Properties  Depth (d) = 209.6mm Width (b) = 205.8mm Thickness of web (t w ) = 9.4mm Thickness of ange = (t f ) = 14.2mm Root radius (r) = 10.2mm Perimeter of section = 1206.4mm Area of section = 76.4 cm 2   Partial factor for resistance   γ m0  = 1.0 γ m1  = 1.25 Base Plate Details  Strength of concrete = 25 N/mm 2  Foundation bearing strength f cd  = α cc f ck / γ c  Take α cc  = 0.85 (for axial compression) γ c  = 1.5 Therefore; f cd  = (0.85 × 25)/1.5 = 14.167 N/mm 2  Area of base plate required A c0  = N Ed  / f cd  = (1035 × 1000)/14.167 = 73057.104 mm 2  Effective Area = 4c 2  + (Section Perimeter × c) + Section Area Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog notifications of new posts by email. FOLLOW BY EMAIL Email address... SUBMIT Analysis and Design of CuCircular Beams in a ReservPreparation of Bar BendinFor Floor SlabsPRACTICAL ANALYSIS AOF STEEL ROOF TRUSSEEUROCODE 3: A SAMPLEWhat is wrong with this sestructural detailing?Analysis of Trusses Using Stiffness Method: A SolveThickness Design of ColuPlate Connections (EC3)How to Prepare the GenerArrangement (GA) of a BuiHow to Design Roof PurlinExample POPULAR POSTS  19.03.2018Thckness Desgn of Column Base Plate Connectons (EC3) - Structvlle...http://www.structvckness-desgn-of-column-base-plate.html?m=13/4 Where c is the cantilever outstand of the effective area. This is shown below; 73057.104   = 4c 2  + 1206.4c + 7640On solving;c = 46.924 mm Check; (h - 2t f )/2 = (209.6 - 2 × 14.2) / 2 = 90.6mm Since 90.6mm > 46.924 mm, there is no overlap between the anges. Thickness of base plate (t p )  t p  = c[3f cd  / (f y γ m0 )] 0.5  t p  = 46.924 × [(3 × 14.167) / (275 × 1.0)] 0.5  = 18.447 mm Therefore provide a base plate of thickness t p  = 20 mm in S275 material (since t p  is less than 40mm). Connection of base plate to column  It is assumed that the axial force is transferred by direct bearing, which is achieved by normal fabrication processes. Onlynominal welds are required to connect the base plate to the column, though in practice full profile 6mm fillet welds areoften used. Thank you visiting Structville today Our facebook page is at   Facebook    Twitter    Google+    Pinterest    Linkedin Share This: RECOMMENDED ARTICLES Last year, I made a submission here on how to carry out the thickness design of column base plates.See postbelow;Thickness Design of Column Base Plat... Thickness Design of Column Base Plate Using Prokon Software 1.0 IntroductionIndustrialization is one of the major keys to development and sustainable economy. Industrialstructures are usually very easy to iden... Analysis of Industrial Gable Frames Overhead steel tank is one of the most adopted water storage system due to lots of reasons. The speed andease of construction, exibility in support... Analysis of Elevated Steel Tank Using Staad Pro IntroductionThis post deals with the design of simply supported I-beam section subjected to permanent andvariable loads according to Eurocode 3. The ... Design Example of Steel Beams According to Eurocode 3  Ubani Obinna Ranks   Ma  Ubani Obinna Ranks   Ma  Ubani Obinna Ranks   Ma  Ubani Obinna Ranks   Feb  Ubani Obinna Ranks   Feb Thickness Design of ColumUsing Prokon SoftwareAnalysis of Industrial GableDesign of Piles in Sand: CasLekki Pennisula, Lagos NigeLinear Interpolation for StrEngineers (Gregory-NewtoDifference Formular)Sinking of Supports of PropCantilever Beams  FOLLOW US FacebookTwitterGoogle+Follow up on LinkedinFollow us on Instagram FACEBOOK Be the frst of your frends to lke ths Structvlle Engneerng 4,470 lkes Lke Page October (6) BLOG ARCHIVE BEAMS   (22) BRIDGES   (5) CABLE STRUCTURES   (1) COLUMN   (9) CONSTRUCTION   (12) DYNAMIC ANALYSISENGINEERING MATHEMATICS   (1) EUROCOEUROCODE 3   (8) EUROCODE 7   (1) FORCE METHOD   (9) FOUNDATIONS   (5) FRAMES   (17) GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERIGUIDES   (7) INFORMATIVE POSTS   (9) PLASTIC ANALYSIS   (1) PROGRAMMING   PROMOTIONS   (4) QUANTITY ESTIMATION TAGS  19.03.2018Thckness Desgn of Column Base Plate Connectons (EC3) - Structvlle...http://www.structvckness-desgn-of-column-base-plate.html?m=14/4 Copyright © 2018 Structville...   NEWER ARTICLE Analysis Of Sub-Frames Using Stiffness Method: A SolvedExample OLDER ARTICLE  How To Design Roof Purlins: A Solved Example Sgn out  Notfy me Enter your comment...   Comment as:  Unknown (Goo Publsh   Prevew NO COMMENTS:   İsa: “Sana rahat verrm” - Bu rahatılığı nasıl alırsın? 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